ICCE-27 July 14-20, 2019 in Granada, Spain
    Two-page Paper Preparation Guidelines
    (COMPULSORY, no two-page paper means no presentation at ICCE-27)

    Why two-pager is preferred over the full-length paper?
    Answer: HUGE TIME SAVER for the readers, thus, enhance authors' citations.

    In order to encourage readers to download your two pager into their laptop computers, please submit two-pager with file size as small as possible (much less than 0.5MB).  Otherwise, almost nobody will download your two-pager into his/her computer, thus, you will lose citations.

    To attract attention, the two-pager should be readable within ten minutes, and very colorful. This will be welcomed by many extremely busy people, who are probably the majority of the readers.The two-pager is a huge TIME SAVER for the readers. The idea is to allow readers to understand 66% of your work in only ten minutes, instead of understanding 80% of your work in an hour by reading your full-length paper.  This will enhance citations of your work. This explains why ICCE proceedings has been extensively cited in past decades.

    Language: All full length papers are to be written in English. 

    Format: Authors’ names, affiliations, corresponding author’s mailing address and e-mail address should be included. 

    1. The manuscript must be in two-column and saved in PDF or MS-Word format. 
    2. Page numbering should NOT be set in the electronic file. 
    3. The electronic file of each manuscript should not exceed 2MB in file size.

    Check the sample two-page paper click here! 

    Full Length Paper Submission to Journals Guidelines

    1. The full length papers originating from this conference, should be much more than four pages (two columns per page). They will be quickly reviewed and published in  Non-Sci, but Scopus journal.     
    Selected ICCE papers will be thoroughly reviewed for possible publication in the Composites B journal (Elsevier).  The five-year impact factor of this journal is 2.91 and currently, it ranks 7 out of 88 journals (top 8%) in the ISI Engineering Multidisciplinary category.

    2. The submission of full-length paper should best be done by changing the paper title of the short paper (different paper title and thus, count as different paper in your vita), add more figures, and more in depth analysis, more focus on specific usefulness or applications,  and pave the way for future exciting research on nano or composites materials.  

    3. If the author prefer to submit to other journals, they can do this on their own. We, as conference organizer will not interfere with the editorial decisions of these journals, except mention that it was presented at ICCE.

    4. Full-length papers should be emailed as soon as possible after the conference to: 

    Chairman of ICCE
    Professor David Hui